Ship Management

“Caring for your vessels as if they were our own”

Grandfame Ship Management provides operational, technical management and project management services to ship owners and operators. As a third-party ship manager and service provider, we manage vessels and projects in full dedication for quality, safety and reliability we would do and have done for our own, so to strike for efficient, effective ship management. Leveraging our decades of experience, we have done best for the balance of cost and the ship safety which has been well recognized by the industry professional and owners. 

To minimize the risk of PSC retention or the cost of drydock, we constantly request the officer and the crew to follow the good practice of our ISM. In doing so, we always provide incentive to the officers & crew for their good maintenance and performance as well as maintain regular audit.

We offer dry cargo chartering services mainly for handysize, supramax and panamax ships with strong worldwide links focusing in spot and time charter period chartering, as well as contracts of affreightment and trading consultancy. Our clientele includes a number of exclusive and semi-exclusive accounts of both Shipowners and Charterers.

As a representative of ship owners and charterers, it is always our mission to optimize the vessel usage at the best interest of both parties. We cover wide range of vessels employment, from bareboat and time charters to contract of affreightment (COA), to spot or period employment.

Our chartering experts take care the following aspects:

  • Long term employment for vessels through chartering contracts
  • Fixing and collecting balance freight and demurrage
  • Voyage summary both in terms of estimation and calculation
  • Spot trading when advantageous to maximize the earning

With our well established connection, GrandFame is capable to secure right vessel to complete the voyage at the right time and right cost.

Our solid shipping experience allows us to negotiate contracts, mediate in the event of disputes, as well as calculating and collecting of demurrage/dispatch.

While we are based in Hong Kong, our network extends to everywhere in the world, with emphasis on the mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Our chartering activities are also extensive, including all kinds of cargoes , for example industrial products like steel and coke, agricultural products and heavy-lifted cargo as well as shipment container to worldwide customers.