About Us

Established since 1996, Grandfame Ship Management Limited (“Grandfame”) has been renowned for its one-stop end to end professional shipping services. We offer full spectrum of shipping services ranging from to Ship Management, Sale & Purchases, Ship Registration, Superintendent & Ship Survey Services, Ship Agency and so on. Each business entity has its unique knowledge and skill which in turn help further strengthen our edge on each of our business.  

In shipping industry, it involves extensive international regulations and compliances, in-depth knowledge on evolving global environment, law and technology is critical.  For principals/investors who have excellent business network and investment insights, that is 

Why need Grandfame 

RELIABLE – never fail our clients’ expectation and provide best & cost-effective solutions 

EFFICIENT & ACCURATE – our diligent and simple structure makes things happened faster than others

FLEXIBILE – years of our onshore and offshore management experience make us capable to deal with all sorts of complexity and situation especially during emergency or urgency.

SOUND TECHNICAL – possess a team of professional & experience mariners and technical superintendent to provide best solutions to ship owners

Our profound shipping knowledge and experience also enable us to provide world class shipping consultant services to our clients seamlessly which helps safeguard them from unnecessary claims and spending. Over the years, our clients will seek for our assistance whenever they come across on cargo claims or emergency onboard repairs, accident at sea, etc.



We strive for excellence and always provide the unrivalled services and best-fit solutions to our customers.